House Netball Trophy Winners

After a fantastic competition, Melbury are the house netball champions!   Congratulations after a convincing 5 – 1 win against Win Green. Well done to all who took part!  

Centurion Club Meets Our New Patron of Reading

The 26 members of the Centurion Club were very excited to have their first meeting with our new Patron of Reading, Rebecca Westcott. They talked about their favourite books and reviewed how to write a great book review,… Read More

Hello Centurion Bloggers!

It was so fantastic to come into school yesterday and meet all you amazing Centurion readers! There are so many of you who have read one hundred books (well, one hundred and counting – I know from talking… Read More

Centurion Club Launch!

The Centurion Club will have an exciting launch today when they meet our new Patron of Reading for Shaftesbury Primary School.  Rebecca Westcott, a local author, will meet the Centurions , who have been a part of our… Read More


Do you have the Growth Mindset?

Shaftesbury Family Learning Hub – At Our School!!

Do come along to the Shaftesbury Family Learning Hub sessions! They are held at our school on Fridays in our ICT suite. If we don’t make the most of them they won’t last long! If you haven’t contacted… Read More