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Star Struck!

I love this book because Tash, Elly and Sierra are performing! It’s so exciting because they sneak over to lots of tents and find their favourite singers. The singers are called: The Sparks! Tash, Elly and Sierra are in the music fest called Tomorrow’s STARS!
By Amber

Rainbow Magic by Olivia P

I think these are the best books ever. They’re long, exciting and full of chapters. If you’re a person that likes adventure in books then you’ll like these books. My favourite is Danielle (the daisy fairy) here’s the blurb from it: Can Rachel and Kirsty help find the fairy magic petal?

Moody Margaret Strikes Back

Moody Margaret is so funny I recommend it because there are a lot of dares and
tricks. A riddle for you. How many apples can you put in a empty
box? One. After that its not empty any more.
Isobel J

MATILDA! by Matilda

I think Matilda is a really fun, creative book by Roald Dahl. If you’re a bit like me liking adventurous books I’m gonna say you’ll adore it!

Also my favourite bit was when Matilda decided to live with Miss Honey and were the best family seen! With Mrs Trunchbull making it a bit more scary and exciting.  It’s a brilliantly, excellently phenomenal story!

By Matilda M (6 years old)

Pirates and Plunder by Terry Deary

‘When I was a pirate,’ the one eyed man said in a horse whisper, ‘ we sailed the seven seas!’

Pirates and Plunder is an excellent book! I was so excited to find out about the adventures of Jem and Meg Hawkwood, Royal Navy sailors aboard the warship Goliath. When the mother and son encounter merchant vessels, French warships and angry admirals, they go through life threatening situations as pirates.

I couldn’t put this book down because it was so marvellous. It was as good as a fiction book, but it has facts chucked in as well.
I recommend it to anyone who loves Horrible Histories but wants a more fiction type book by Terry Deary.
5 stars!
Jude T aged 8