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Centurions are able to blog their experiences with books and stories.

Rebecca Westcott will then be able to join in too!

A Tale of Two Cities based on the novel by Charles Dickens

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…….’

A brilliant book with an excellent storyline.

‘The rich feasted in palaces while the poor scrabbled like rats for food in the gutter.’

The characters are really interesting because it is difficult to understand who is good and who is bad apart from the heroes!

This is a mixture of fact and fiction and also short, but very entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a simplified version of a Charles Dickens novel. I also think that people, like me, who are interested in the French Revolution would love it!
Jude (Aged 8)

Snow White and Rose Red

my book is called rose red /A women who had two twins girls/The twin girls went to get forest to get fire wood/ On their way back a dwarf beard got stuck under a fallen tree trunk/Rose red opened the door and there was enormous brown bear came in the house and stood on the mat. The girls jumped back afraid. age 9 Keira S

The Monkey Pirates by Mark Skelton

Bananas and Barnacles!! Emily Jane’s Uncle Bartholomew has gone missing! But suddenly, the Monkey Pirates arrive out of Emily Jane’s wardrobe and take her on hilarious adventures. This will make you laugh until your jaw aches. I recommend it to readers who have grown out of Jeremy Strong, but still have a thirst for the giggles.
Stars ~ 4
Jude T Aged 8

Centurion Club Meets Our New Patron of Reading

The 26 members of the Centurion Club were very excited to have their first meeting with our new Patron of Reading, Rebecca Westcott.

They talked about their favourite books and reviewed how to write a great book review, so that they could share their opinion on the books they read on this blog.  They agreed to have a star system to rate each book they read.

We are now looking forward to seeing which 5 star books the Centurions are reading!


Hello Centurion Bloggers!

It was so fantastic to come into school yesterday and meet all you amazing Centurion readers! There are so many of you who have read one hundred books (well, one hundred and counting – I know from talking to you all that you definitely haven’t stopped reading just because you’ve made your centurion!).

So, now that you are officially expert readers, we’re moving on to the next exciting step. You obviously have lots of thoughts and opinions about books and through our blog, you can share them with lots of other readers. Whether it’s a book that you think was completely brilliant or a book that left you feeling a bit disappointed, you can write about it here.

Here’s a quick recap of all the things we discussed yesterday about how to write a good book review:

  • Imagine you’re talking to someone who has just asked you what you think of the book.
  • Start with a couple of sentences telling us what the book is about. But remember – no SPOILER ALERTS!! Don’t forget the title and name of the author.
  • Explain what you liked about the book – maybe the main character was very funny or the plot was a bit scary and kept you guessing about what was going to happen.
  • Write about anything you didn’t like. It’s totally fine to say if you didn’t like a book – but you must explain why!
  • Tell us who you would recommend the book to. Someone who enjoys adventure stories? Fans of Cathy Cassidy? Anyone who likes their stories to have a lot of laughs?
  • Finally, give your book a rating out of five stars. Absolutely fantastic books will get 5/5. A terrible book will get 1/5 (ouch!). A book that was ok but you probably wouldn’t want to read again might get 3/5.

I can’t wait for you to start writing your reviews so that I can read them on the blog and write back to you. I know that a couple of you are already thinking about which book to write about – I’m looking forward to reading those Diary Of A Wimpy Kid reviews really soon!

Happy reading!