Moody Margaret Strikes Back

Moody Margaret is so funny I recommend it because there are a lot of dares and
tricks. A riddle for you. How many apples can you put in a empty
box? One. After that its not empty any more.
Isobel J

2 Comments on “Moody Margaret Strikes Back

  1. Hi Isobel,

    I really like the Horrid Henry books and I was glad that Moody Margaret manages to get her own back on Henry -after all, he’s always playing mean tricks on her! Your riddle was great too! Have you read any other books by Francesca Simon?

    Keep reading and let me know what book you choose next!


  2. That is a great riddle Isobel! Have you played any of the dares on anyone yet? I really love Horrid Henry too. Was this the book you chose as your Centurion Reading Award book? If so it was a great choice and thanks for getting onto the blog so quickly. Come and see me in Ash class for a Zero sticker.

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