The Monkey Pirates by Mark Skelton

Bananas and Barnacles!! Emily Jane’s Uncle Bartholomew has gone missing! But suddenly, the Monkey Pirates arrive out of Emily Jane’s wardrobe and take her on hilarious adventures. This will make you laugh until your jaw aches. I recommend it to readers who have grown out of Jeremy Strong, but still have a thirst for the giggles.
Stars ~ 4
Jude T Aged 8

2 Comments on “The Monkey Pirates by Mark Skelton

  1. Hi Jude,

    I LOVE your book review for THE MONKEY PIRATES! I think Jeremy Strong is a really great author (he always makes me laugh!) so based on your comments, I think I would like this book very much. Congratulations on writing your first review – I can’t wait to find out what you read next!

    Happy reading!

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