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Year 5 Taster Day at Shaftesbury School

An exciting day was had by all!

The Trees!

The trees that we were worried about overhanging the Early Years Village are on their way down finally!

The Early Years Village

Our Early Years Village has its foundations already!

All on track for the end of August.

Sports Day Photos Are Now Available

Please listen out for a text message containing the password for our official Sports Day photographs.

Faye Does Friends!

A couple of weeks ago, Faye visited Mr. Lavis with a list of qualities based around friendship. It looked very similar to our INSPIRE stuff!

So, Mr. Lavis said, “Can you produce that on a Powerpoint presentation so we can put it on the school website?”

“Hmm, I think so!” replied Faye.

Well: she did! Well done Faye!