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The Early Years Village

Our Early Years Village has its foundations already!

All on track for the end of August.

Faye Does Friends!

A couple of weeks ago, Faye visited Mr. Lavis with a list of qualities based around friendship. It looked very similar to our INSPIRE stuff!

So, Mr. Lavis said, “Can you produce that on a Powerpoint presentation so we can put it on the school website?”

“Hmm, I think so!” replied Faye.

Well: she did! Well done Faye!


Fireworks Go Off With a Bang… Again!

Our brilliant PTA have done it again! Over £2000 raised for our school.

Thanks so much to all involved for a wonderful evening.


A Celebration of Aaron’s Life

New Faces and New Journeys

Our Reception children are finally here and we are very excited to have them!

What a journey they have begun…