PTA Upcoming events;                                                                       Cake Sales;          Image result for cake emoji

November 10th 2017 – Firework display     Image result for clipart firework                       November 24th 2017 – Y4 Cake Sale

November 17th 2017M&Co Fashion Show                                      January 26th 2018 – Y3 Cake Sale

December 11th 2017 Image result for clipart bingo                                            February 23rd 2018 – Y2 Cake Sale

December 13th 2017  – Santa Stories                                                       March 30th 2018 – Y1 Cake Sale

February 2nd 2018 Quiz Night                                                                 May 25th 2018 – YR Cake Sale 

March 26th 2018Easter Image result for clipart bingo                                                June 29th 2018 – Y6 Cake Sale

 May 4th 2018Quiz Night

June 18th 2018Summer Image result for clipart bingo

July 13th 2018Festival in the Field



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School Fundraising number for Label Planet is; 35452.