Horrid Henry – Thank You Letters

It was all about Henry had to write a letter asking for money and then he wrote lots of letters and then he got rich! He told all the children in his class to do it and they… Read More

The 26 Storey Tree House

I loved this book because it is funny, imaginative and I recommend to people who like fantasy books. My favourite part was the tour around the treehouse, it had a shark tank, penguin skate place, arcade and 23… Read More

Centurion Review

I would just like to say well done to everyone who took part in Zero To Hero! You have all made an amazing effort, with 75% of the school getting a Bronze Award! We finally reached all our… Read More

Have you read any Magic Tree House books?

In Ash Class we have been reading a series of exciting adventure books centered around a Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne. We have almost finished reading Summer of the Sea Serpent and I thought you might… Read More

A family of centurions!

Wow – what a lot of reading has been going on in this house! Three centurions is a great achievement – well done! Mrs Peterson

Star Struck!

I love this book because Tash, Elly and Sierra are performing! It’s so exciting because they sneak over to lots of tents and find their favourite singers. The singers are called: The Sparks! Tash, Elly and Sierra are… Read More

Rainbow Magic by Olivia P

I think these are the best books ever. They’re long, exciting and full of chapters. If you’re a person that likes adventure in books then you’ll like these books. My favourite is Danielle (the daisy fairy) here’s the… Read More

Moody Margaret Strikes Back

Moody Margaret is so funny I recommend it because there are a lot of dares and tricks. A riddle for you. How many apples can you put in a empty box? One. After that its not empty any… Read More

MATILDA! by Matilda

I think Matilda is a really fun, creative book by Roald Dahl. If you’re a bit like me liking adventurous books I’m gonna say you’ll adore it! Also my favourite bit was when Matilda decided to live with… Read More

Pirates and Plunder by Terry Deary

‘When I was a pirate,’ the one eyed man said in a horse whisper, ‘ we sailed the seven seas!’ Pirates and Plunder is an excellent book! I was so excited to find out about the adventures of… Read More