MATILDA! by Matilda

I think Matilda is a really fun, creative book by Roald Dahl. If you’re a bit like me liking adventurous books I’m gonna say you’ll adore it!

Also my favourite bit was when Matilda decided to live with Miss Honey and were the best family seen! With Mrs Trunchbull making it a bit more scary and exciting.  It’s a brilliantly, excellently phenomenal story!

By Matilda M (6 years old)

3 Comments on “MATILDA! by Matilda

  1. Hi Matilda,

    Well, with your name, you really HAD to read this book, didn’t you?! And it sounds to me as if you might be a bit like Matilda – you obviously really enjoy books! Have you read any other books by Roald Dahl? I think my favourite one of his books is probably Danny The Champion Of The World – it would be a great book for you to read with a grown-up at home!

    Let me know what you read next!


  2. Great reading Matilda – maybe you should do a review of The Twits now! I know you really enjoyed it when we read it in class at the end of each day. Are you enjoying The Summer of the Sea Serpent that we are reading in class now?

  3. That last comment was from Mrs Peterson – I forgot to say that at the end of my reply to you!
    Mrs Peterson

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